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Leonora Gorelik’s bankruptcy practice focuses on personal bankruptcy, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. Her typical client is a working individual or couple making anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 per year.

She handles all aspects of the bankruptcy process from the initial consultation to creditor meetings and/or court appearances. She personally prepares the extensive documents for court filings to ensure her client’s cases are not dismissed on technicalities. She also personally attends all of her clients’ creditors’ meetings and/or court appearances.

Be Debt Free

In the past several years Ms. Gorelik has helped her clients discharge over $4,000,000 in personal and business debt, including credit card debt, mortgage debt, tax debt, medical debt and other liabilities.

She has successfully guided numerous clients through the bankruptcy process, helping them stay in their homes, stop creditor harassment, escape mountains of debt and regain control over their financial future.

Ms. Gorelik understands that clients often have questions after their case is concluded or need help rebuilding their credit. Her counseling doesn’t stop at the end of the bankruptcy case. She is available for all past clients – to answer their questions, give them guidance and celebrate their successes.

Personal Attention to Every Detail of Your Bankruptcy Case

Some bankruptcy attorneys will make their clients fill out lengthy questionnaires or other forms before even meeting with them. Even more troubling, some bankruptcy attorneys have their paralegal do the bulk of the work for a client.

Be Treated with Respect and as an Individual

Ms. Gorelik takes a much different approach to her clients. She approaches each client individually. She prefers to meet with the client first and discuss their individual case. Because no two cases are alike, finding the right solution for each client is crucial. She then sits down with the client and goes through all the paperwork to make sure that issues that may be critical to their case are not overlooked. She handles the entire case from start to finish, because when you pay for legal work you should get help from an attorney, not the secretary.

Leonora Gorelik knows that her clients are facing one of the most significant financial decisions of their lives and counsels them throughout that decision making process. If bankruptcy is not the right option, she will tell you and assist you with alternate options. If you are wondering if bankruptcy is appropriate for you, contact Leonora Gorelik for your no-cost consultation.

Learn About Bankruptcy in More Detail

For your convenience, you can refer to the bankruptcy FAQs that answer the frequently asked questions about the bankruptcy process.

Take Steps to Freedom From Debt Today!

For information on if bankruptcy can help, what bankruptcy chapter is right for you, or to review other options to help you become debt free, call (818) 406-5164 highlighting to schedule your free consultation with Ms. Gorelik.


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