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Welcome to Gorelik Law. Leonora Gorelik provides legal representation to individuals and small businesses. Her goal is to always provide efficient, timely and professional legal help that is individually tailored to her clients’ needs and budgets. Ms. Gorelik regularly represents clients throughout Southern California.

Personal Attention to Every Case

Most clients are pleasantly surprised to find that Ms. Gorelik takes a personal approach to their case or legal matter. Leonora Gorelik is available to meet with you and expediently handle your case from start to finish. You will not be left with a paralegal handling your case and your file will not be passed off to a junior attorney. Ms. Gorelik will ensure that each client, no matter how “big” or “small,” is treated with the same ample respect.

Building Relationships

Leonora Gorelik is extremely proud of the positive feedback she regularly receives from her clients, but nothing can replace the long-term relationships that arise out of the majority of her cases. Many of her clients become long time friends. For example, a bankruptcy client, may emerge from bankruptcy and start a successful business.  That client will often come back to Ms. Gorelik for advice about business entity formation and other corporate matters.  That same client may also seek Ms. Gorelik’s services to handle an Estate Plan to protect their assets as well as help with future Real Estate transactions. This is why, what started as a Bankruptcy Practice, has evolved into a legal office serving multiple Legal Practice Areas.

Legal Practice Areas

Bankruptcy: Leonora Gorelik handles all types of Consumer Bankruptcy cases. Ms. Gorelik can quickly help you solve your debt problems and let you get on the road to financial recovery.

Estate Planning: Leonora Gorelik can help you plan for the future of your family. Ms. Gorelik can help you prepare an Estate Plan that fits your needs.

Real Estate Law: Leonora Gorelik can help you efficiently resolve your real estate dispute and review real estate documents.

Business Law: Leonora Gorelik can help you decide which business entity is the most fitting for your business and help draft and file all the necessary documents and provide additional assistance at both the inception of your business and during all the subsequent cycles.

Family Law: Leonora Gorelik can guide you through the difficult times when you may need hand holding. Additionally, if you need to modify your support or custody orders down the line, she can efficiently resolve your issues as they come up. 

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Getting timely legal help is extremely important. Leonora Gorelik offers a free initial consultation to review your matter. Please call today (818) 406-5164 to schedule an appointment.

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